Cape Brett Walk

[Water taxi]

Cape Brett Walk & Water Taxi

Our Cape Brett water taxi service drops you off on the landing platform on the Cape Brett peninsular. From here you begin the Cape Brett track, trekking along amazing coastal cliff edges, through beautiful native bush and taking in the incredible views over the Bay of Islands and Whangamumu headlands.


Cape Brett Hike Distances:

  • To/From Cape Brett to Deep Water Cove takes approximately 2.5 hours (4km) one way

  • To/From Cape Brett to Oke Bay/Rawhiti takes approximately
    8 hours (16.5km) one way

We provide a water taxi service to Cape BrettDeepwater Cove & Oke Bay.

Our fully enclosed, custom designed high speed vessel is capable of dropping you and your equipment off at any location with comfort and safety in mind...without getting wet!


Cape Brett Walk Water Taxi Cost: One Way

Oke Bay <>  Deep Water Cove

  • $50 per person (minimum 6)

  • Additional persons $50

  • Maximum 24 passengers.


Paihia/Russell <> Deep Water Cove

  • $50 per person (minimum 6)

  • Additional persons $50

  • Maximum 24 passengers


Safety Considerations:

  • a good level of fitness is advised for the Cape Brett Hike​

  • be self sufficient and carry a first aid kit

  • take extreme caution as there are many bluffs and steep cliffs

  • remain on the track at all times

  • allow at least 8 hours of daylight for the full Cape Brett to Oke Bay walk

  • wear tramping/hiking boots, especially if the track is wet

  • take plenty of water to drink during the tramp

  • bring a water treatment system if you are staying at the Cape Brett hut

Water taxi drop-off at the landing platform for the Cape Brett Track is too dependant on sea conditions and creates a safety issue. Therefore, we only provide a water taxi service to Deep Water Cove.


Cape Brett Hut

  • 23 Bunk Beds

  • Cooking Facilities

  • Bookings Essential

Cape Brett Walk Map

More information can be found on the Department of Conservation website. Advanced bookings are required for overnight stays in the Cape Brett Hut. Bookings can be made on the Department of Conservation website here